The Fifties: The West, Midwest, and Northeast Club Growth


During the fifties, the Midwest and Northeast areas blossomed in club development in Ohio, Indiana and New York. In March 1955, the first alumnae club began in California. The Alumnae Association sponsored a variety of local community service projects. The Atlanta Spelman Club, which the fifties, included graduates and ex-students, began a Spelman College Founders Day annual broadcast on WGST in 1953.

The Atlanta community was treated to musical selections by the Spelman College Glee Club and inspirational words contained in the Founders Day speeches. The Atlanta Spelman Club was instrumental in the formation of a pre-school speech and hearing clinic, the only of its kind at the time. The purpose of the clinic was to identify and serve children with speech and hearing defects in hopes of helping to alleviate potential problems that could impede the education of children entering elementary school.