NAASC Chapters


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Far West Region

Chapters in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington.
Also covering Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Far West Regional Coordinator
Tina Shelton, C'96

Far West Regional Delegate


Phoenix, AZ
Gaybrielle Gant, C'2010
Website | Facebook

Los Angeles, CA
Maria Marion Wright, C'2010

Sacramento, CA (Inactive)

San Diego, CA
Maria Maxie Whitfield, C'88

San Francisco-Bay Area, CA
Winde Toney, C'93
Facebook | Twitter


Denver, CO
Denise Swingler Sweet, C'90

Las Vegas, NV (Inactive)

Portland, OR (Inactive)

Seattle/Tacoma, WA
Tobi Shannon, C'2016

Interested in volunteering for your local chapter? Contact the Far West Regional Coordinator.


Great Lakes Region

Chapters in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, West Virginia (optional) and Wisconsin

Regional Social Media

Great Lakes Regional Coordinator
Melissa Akinlawon, C'2011

Great Lakes Regional Delegate
Daphne L. Smith, C'80


Chicago, IL
Jann Washington Honore, C'76 
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

Indianapolis, IN
Dana Reed Wise, C'82

Louisville, KY
Tiffany Johnson, C'2001

Detroit, MI
Joslyn Witherspoon, C'2000
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Metropolitan Kansas City, MO
Shawna Edgerson, C'2006
(Acting President)

Metropolitan St Louis, MO
Terry (Volyia) Plain, C'87


Minneapolis/Twin Cities, MN
Husniyah Dent Bradley C'97

Cincinnati, OH
Angelique Gloster Waller, C'85

Cleveland, OH
Jama Haynes, C'84

Columbus, OH
Andrea N. Williams, C'2000

Dayton, OH
Debbie Marable Carter, C'86

Milwaukee, WI (Inactive)

Get active with your local chapter! Contact the Great Lakes Regional Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering.


South Central Region

Chapters in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee (optional) and Texas

Regional Social Media

South Central Regional Coordinator
Dawn Marcelle, C'89

South Central Regional Delegate


Austin-San Antonio, TX
Afton Lane, Cā€™2007

Baton Rouge, LA
Leslie Vincent, C'84

Dallas, TX
Tiffanie Spearman, C'92


Houston, TX
Kim Williams, C'2001
Website | Facebook |  Instagram

Mississippi (Jackson)
Angela Bass, C'2008

New Orleans, LA
Sage Crump, C'93

Join your local chapter! Contact the South Central Regional Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering, or to start a new chapter in a different area.


Northeast Region

Chapters in Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, The District of Columbia and West Virginia (optional).

Regional Social Media
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Northeast Regional Coordinator
Tia Troutman, C'96

Northeast Regional Delegates
Teri Wright, C'86
Dawn Lee, C'91


New England, CT
Michelle Mays, C'2004 

Washington, DC
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Delaware State, DE
Sharon Neal, C'83

Boston, MA
Tavina Offutt, C'2010 
Website | Facebook  

Baltimore, MD
LaQuida Chancey, C'2004 
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Columbia, MD
Stephanie Wilks Perdue, C'86
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Southern Maryland
Diya Wynn, C'96


Northern New Jersey
Erica Dixon, C'2005
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

New York, NY
Stacey A. Frazier, C'99
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Westchester County, NY
Nicole Allen, C'2001
Facebook | Instagram

Philadelphia, PA
Asali Carter, C'94
WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

Hampton Roads, VA
Valerie Proctor, C'87

Northern Virginia
Natalie Bailey, C'2003 
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Metro Richmond, VA
Pat Jones, C'90

Interested in becoming a member of your local NAASC chapter? Contact the Northeast Regional Coordinator.


Southeast Region

Chapters in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee (optional) and Bermuda

Regional Social Media

Southeast Regional Coordinator
Pamela Cooper, C'88

Southeast Regional Delegates
E. Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy, C'2001
Tuere Bowles, C'94


Birmingham, AL
Dione King, C'2002

Huntsville Area, AL
Alicia Redrick, C'94

Jacksonville, FL
Chantel Bryant, C'2007

Orlando, FL
Karen Parks, C'88

South Florida
Erica Wright, C'94
Website | Facebook | Twitter

Tallahassee, FL (Inactive)

Tampa Bay Area, FL
Kenisha Bowery, C'99

Albany, GA
Jaan Thomas, C'69

Athens, GA
Kisha Pass-Bailey, C'96

Atlanta, GA
Adrienne Lance Lucas, C'90
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Augusta, GA
E. Vanessa Spearman-McCarthy, C'2001
(Acting President)


Columbus, GA
Angel Faye Chaney, C'95

Decatur, GA
Rhonda Waller, C'91

Savannah, GA
Denise Cooper, C'99

West Georgia
Tanita Teagle, C'96

Charlotte, NC
Melanie Jones, C'79

Triangle NC
Genine Grant, C'85
Facebook | Twitter

Winston Salem, NC
Pamela Pryor Grace, C'81

Columbia, SC (Inactive)

Pee Dee Region, SC
Shaquite Pegues, C'2006

Memphis Area, TN
Leetra Harris, C'95

Nashville, TN
Erica White, C'94

International - Bermuda
Debbie Thomas Gilkes, C'77
(Acting President)

Make a difference by getting active in your region! Contact the Southeast Regional Coordinator if you are interested in volunteering, or to start a new chapter.