Regional, Chapter, and Financial Reports



Q: What information is required to complete each form?
A sample of each form is available to review below.

Q: Where does my information go after I submit the form?
All information submitted is emailed to its intended recipient. You will receive an electronic confirmation that your form was delivered successfully. 

Q: How is personal data managed safely and securely? 
A: *
To ensure the security of financially sensitive documents, Form C: Chapter Dues Transmittal and Form F: Chapter Mid-Year Financial Report must continue to be mailed to the NAASC Treasurer.

Q: How can I edit my form after it is submitted?
You may revise your forms by selecting Edit your response.

Q: How can I complete and submit multiple forms without having to return to the Forms web page?
You may complete multiples of the same form by selecting Submit another response.

Q: How can I print the entire form before submitting it?
A: No, you cannot print the form in its entirety; however, you can print each page before moving on to the next section by; Command+P on a Mac or Ctrl+P on a PC.

Q: How do I sign an online form?
The NAASC online forms that act as a waiver or contract include an eSignature. To sign, type your name in the required signature field.



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