The Thirties: The Loyalty Fund


The thirties revealed club development in Alabama and Louisiana. In 1933, the Packard-Giles Club purchased a new flagpole for the College. The most significant development for the College as a result of the efforts of the Alumnae Association was the Loyalty Fund, which was the first reunion-giving program. This was initiated by the alumnae with the encouragement of the College. The Class of 1929, at their ten-year reunion in 1939, pledged to give annually to the College. Each class was to give during the reunion and designate the gift for the Spelman College Loyalty Fund.

The Loyalty Fund early on targeted the traditional Thanksgiving Rally donations in support of the five alumnae missionaries in Africa. Other projects funded by the Loyalty Fund included the chimes and the light near Giles Hall. The Loyalty Fund was later disbanded and the funds given to the College but annual giving by alumnae during reunion has continued to the present. An outright initial gift of $150.00 by the Alumnae Association to President Giles in 1909 has grown to an annual outright gift of $25,000 by the Alumnae Association. Sixty years later, reunion giving by alumnae has grown to over $300,000 annually.